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Project Timesheets PowerApp

US$ 599.00

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  • Advanced yet intuitive Project Timesheet Management for any organization
  • Built with Microsoft Power Platform (PowerApps and SharePoint Online)
  • Automates collection, approval, and tracking of Project Timesheets
  • Powerful features include dynamic line items and copying previous timesheets
  • Powerful search, delegating, reporting and status dashboards
  • Automatic email notifications to all parties involved
  • Clear, user-friendly, and intuitive user interface
  • Customizable app theme to match with your organization’s colour theme
  • Ready to deploy to any Office 365 environment
  • Licenced for Unlimited users for one solution deployment

Projects Timesheet Management App built with Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint Online

The all-new Project Timesheets App is a state-of-the-art and user-friendly PowerApps solution to manage your projects-related timesheets. The solution is built with Microsoft PowerApps with all its backend data sources created and maintained in SharePoint Online. Once deployed in your Office 365 environment, the employees can quickly create, edit, submit, and search all their timesheets, and the managers or approvers

can efficiently review and approve the submitted timesheets. The solution also allows authorized administrators (including any payroll officers) to quickly search all historical timesheets, delegate active timesheets to other approvers, manage projects and project activities, view various timesheet reports and status dashboards. The solution sends automatic email notifications to all parties involved when the timesheets are submitted and approved/rejected.

Product Features

For Employees

For Managers / Approvers

For Administrators


Full App Setup Instructions (Free PDF)

Download full step-by-step instructions on how to setup the Project Timesheets PowerApp in your Office 365 environment.

Video Demo of the Solution

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Curious how the Timesheet PowerApps are built? Learn to build a full working Timesheet app from scratch with step-by-step video instructions. The course also provides partially completed templates to quickly deploy a simple timesheet solution to your Office 365 environment.

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More into reading? Want to build your own Timesheet Management solution? We are working on an eBook with complete instructions to build the full solution. It will also include partially completed templates to quickly deploy the solution in your Office 365 tenant.


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