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SharePoint Designer like Approval in Power Automate

Those of you who have been working with SharePoint Designer (SPD) approval workflows, they know that those SPD approval workflows provided a lot of out-of-box functionality. You could easily create and send the approval tasks to various approvers and those approvers could either approve or reject those approval tasks. They could even re-assign those approval tasks to other approvers. The original requesters could cancel the approval completely and an approver could also request a change from the original requester if they needed some more information to approve their task. Those SPD approval workflows could also send reminders to the approvers and dynamically update the approval status along with approvers comments.

Now, building all of this functionality in Power Automate in not an easy task. Even though Power Automate does provide a couple of out-of-box approval actions, you still have to build this whole functionality from scratch. 

We created a video series to demonstrate how to create a Power Automate approval workflow that will have all of that SPD approval functionality. You will be able to send the approvals to dynamically selected approvers. All approvers will get the approval tasks and they will be able to either approve or reject their tasks or even request for a change from the original requester if they need more information to complete their approval. The original requester will also be able to cancel the approval altogether. The workflow will also send regular selective reminders to those approvers who have not completed their approval tasks. The workflow will also dynamically update the current status of the workflow along with the approvers comments who have already completed their tasks. Lastly, this workflow will also run beyond 30 days limit of the Power Automate workflows. So if there are approvers who have not completed their tasks and the workflow has been running for 30 days, then it will timeout. This workflow will run beyond 30 days timeout period and will allow all the remaining approvers to complete their approval tasks. 

Enjoy the videos!

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