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Pre-Built Solutions

We are the providers of high-demand, pre-built, and ready-to-go applications for small to medium-sized businesses in a wide variety of industries. The solutions are packaged with deployable components, for example, PowerApps apps, Power Automate flows, SharePoint site and list templates, Power BI reports, etc. and come with with full documentation and easy to follow instructions and can be quickly deployed in any Office 365 environment.

All solutions come with free live trial before customers can buy them. All future updates are free. Full post-deployment support is provided, if required. Money back guarantee if not satisfied.

We also build custom solutions for businesses that have custom requirements and the pre-built solutions do not meet their business needs.

Video Training

We also provide interactive video courses to teach and train anyone how to build the business solutions using Microsoft Power Platform technologies. Students or attendees learn to build complete solutions from scratch with step-by-step instructions without buying full pre-built version of the solution.

We usually offer those courses online as self-paced courses. The courses also come with half-built solution templates to enable you quickly build the full solution and deploy them in your Office 365 environment. Video courses usually cost less than full pre-built solutions.

Additionally, we also offer any custom training courses for businesses on technologies related to Microsoft Power Platform, SharePoint, and Office 365.

Solution eBooks

Some people just love reading and like to learn by reading the books. For those of us who do, we create training ebooks for our solutions that come with complete instructions to build the full business solution from scratch. 

Readers can learn the technology and tips and tricks that we use in building those solutions. The eBooks also give them access to the half-built solution templates and provide step-by-step guide to quickly build and deploy the business solution in your Office 365 environment.

eBooks is the most cost effective way of building our business solutions.

Featured Solutions

Project Timesheets App

New PowerApps solution to manage your Project Timesheets

Timesheet Management

Simple Timesheet App Built with PowerApps and SharePoint Online

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